Roly-Poly Pendant in Brushed Metal | Poly

Roly-Poly Pendant in Brushed Metal | Poly


Depart from visual monotony, with deep, vibrant finishes, and soft diffuse light. With a delicate anodized brushed aluminum, and soothing polycarbonate surface texture, this pendulum-like pendant piece is far from ordinary. Indulgent, satin-like hues and sheen provide ideal visual accents for any space.

Manufactured in Spain.

Material: Anodized Aluminum. Brushed Polycarbonate/PVC covering + Wiring.

Wiring: Hardwired

Dimensions: 17.52" Diameter (Fixture) x 22.8" Height (Fixture) + Cord Length: 78”.

Ceiling Mount: Diameter: 5.11" x 1.8” H.

Bulb: LED SMD 11.7W/ 700mA /2700K, 2040 Lumens [Included]

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