Meeting/Conference Table: American Walnut

Meeting/Conference Table: American Walnut

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Handcrafted in Denmark, from premium grade American walnut, this piece offers superb modularity, and tremendous lightness. Sits up to 12 people. Ideal for large meeting settings + entertaining guests, this unique and airy conference table departs from the traditional heaviness of an office or meeting table.

Perfect for large teams, this table is supported by a configuration of just 3 modular walnut legs, which can be fastened to the table at any point, and allow for great ease in accommodating up to 12-14 people seated around its surface.

Available in two standard dimensions in addition to custom sizing — making this product perfect for any office or corporate project.

Material: Sustainably Sourced American Walnut. Steel Framing Detailing.


  • 118 x 40 inches (300 x 100 cm) [Sizing A]

  • 122 x 43.3 inches (310 x 110 cm) [Sizing B: Quick-Ship/Ships Immediately]

  • 150 x 45.4 inches (380 x 115 cm) [Sizing C]

*This product can also be delivered flat-packed, with minimal attachment (of legs and leaf extensions) required.

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