Oak | Aniline Leather Waiting Chair: Ink

Oak | Aniline Leather Waiting Chair: Ink


Perfect for a connected, yet inviting office or reception space: this free-standing reception armchair pairs perfectly with minimal decor, a variety of wall surfaces, and can be mixed and matched with multiple units for additional guests.

Multifunctional with a moulded armchair structure and central, boat-like seat, for ample seating room.

Utilize as an ample-sized armchair, an accent piece, or as an addition to a large meeting table. Perfect for foyers, interiors, entryways, and meeting rooms.

Material: Oiled, Solid Oak Structure. Italian Aniline Leather Seat.

Dimensions: 24 W x 21.5 L x 31 H inches.

Seat Height: 17.5 inches

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