Nautical Sofa in White Oak | Aniline Leather

Nautical Sofa in White Oak | Aniline Leather


An elevated piece, designed for daily use: this exquisite sofa piece was recently awarded at the 2017 Bo Bedre Design Awards.

Inspired by the traditional forms of embroidery, ceramic sculpture, and authentic naval imagery; this piece leaves nothing hidden from display.

Nothing is masked in the structure: candid forms, and supply molded structural rivets, rendered in white oak all ensure that the sofa can be equally understood from all vantage points.

This item has a light and airy appearance: a structured, upholstered portion, in suede-like aniline leather, supported by its sustainable wooden frame, contribute to providing a comfortable and practical seating item for everyday use.

Fabric: Top Grade Aniline Leather.

Framing Materials: Sanded White Oak, Fiber Glass Framing, Aniline Leather Seat Covering.

Dimensions: 70.87 L × 27.95 W × 29.33 H inches.

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Sørensen Leather: Dunes (Color: Dark Brown)

Collection: Dunes

Leather Type: Aniline (suede-like finish)

Color Code: Dark Brown - 21001

Thickness: 1.1 – 1.3 mm

Size: 4.5 – 5.5 m2

Origin: Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia

Textural Effects: Matte Surface, Butter-y to the Touch.

Finish: Special leather-occurent oils to enhance the body

Tannage: Chrome-free

Dye: Water-based Aniline Dye


Care Instructions:

  • Vacuum Clean Only (with soft brush).
  • No Soap Application
  • Avoid Chemical Products
  • Evade any Excessive Heat
  • Natural Markings on Leather (Hide-like Texture) Normal