Cradle Armchair in Rattan: Black

Cradle Armchair in Rattan: Black


Crafted and endowed with an eye-catching contrast of a black Rattan framework, and outer shell + an arresting inner bodice, the Cradle Armchair in Rattan: Black provides a clear-as-day accent choice to provide a visual exclamation, in any project.

Seat body and frame are meticulously crafted + a sleek shape lends a delicate cradling experience to any user when seated.

Design by Hübsch, Denmark, a design house known for offering pure and detailed style in only the most premium of high-quality materials.

Perfect for both Outdoor + Indoor projects.

Materials: Sustainable Rattan (framework | bodice) + Steel Frame

Size: 26.4 in: W x 26.8 in: D x 34.2 in: H

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