Hexagone Lounge Chair With Armrest

Hexagone Lounge Chair With Armrest


Inspired by the primal forms of rock caves & vintage cradles, with sculptural curves and natural beauty, this Hexagone Lounge Chair can add an air of refinement and modern elegance to any space + project. A careful decor item, for only the most discerning interior, with a translucent + porous frame, this piece provides the added benefit of allowing light passage & enhancing the illusion of additional space, through its minimal structural elements.

Design by Hübsch, Denmark, a design house known for offering pure and detailed style in only the most premium of sustainable materials.

Perfect for both Outdoor + Indoor Projects.

Materials: Sustainable Rattan + Steel Frame

Size: 26.4 in: W x 26.8 in: D x 31.5 in: H

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