Land Mug Small Set of 6

Land Mug Small Set of 6


Handcrafted in Denmark, all Land Collection products have been designed with peace and simple presence in mind. Inspired by everyday needs, they are a unique series of simple, timeless and durable products that make clear references to colors and surfaces found in nature. With their clean lines and understated Nordic aesthetics, Land Collection products are presented in the simplicity of what they really are; pieces of processed nature with user-friendly qualities that enable them to exist as favorite household items for many years to come. Design by Mette Duedahl. 

Scale: This mug fits perfectly in a normal-sized palm. 

Dishwasher safe.

Material: Stoneware.

Sizing: H: 2.95 inches (7,5 cm).

Quantity: Set of 6 (two of each color)

Color: Chestnut, Petrol, Eggshell

Petrol is a reactive glaze that gives every product its own unique look.

Eggshell features uncontrollable speckles, which give every product its own unique look.


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